ORS HAIRepair online promotion .

Client: Namasté Laboratories

Category: Online Promotion, QR Codes, How To

ORS, the second largest natural hair care brand in the world, asked Junction Group Films, Inc. to help launch their new HAIRepair Strengthening and Straightening system. Having produced over one hundred how to and promotional videos for the brand in the last two years, we were familiar with the brand well. The product needed to stand out in a cluttered market and explain in a plain way what it actually did for the consumer. On an aggressive timeline, we produced an online video campaign that was equal parts commercial, how to and social media We created videos for youtube along with 30 and 15 second video and audio promos for Facebook and Pandora. On product launch, the QR code featured on each product took customers directly to a specially created how to video showing firsthand how easy the product is to use.